Tips for a Remarkable Online Dating Experience

For people who have tried online dating, some are not as successful as others. This could be caused by signing up to the wrong dating site, using the wrong tactics in getting dates, or maybe just not taking the online dating seriously. Whatever the reasons may be, they all resulted to the same outcome which is, failing to find the right person. But for guys who have had successes in the world of online dating, there are certain strategies that they’ve used to get the ladies to be really interested in them. Here are online dating tips that successful guys shared to

• Present yourself properly

If you want women to be interested in you, then you have to fit into a certain type. Not all women want the rich types; they know what they want and they’ll work hard to find their types. What you need to do is decide on how you present yourself. Keep a solid story about yourself and work on a single angle. You can be as honest as you want or sensationalize a bit if you want. Different women respond to different ways on how you approach them.

• Learn from your mistakes

If you’ve had a lot of dating experiences, you can surely point out which ones are bad experiences. You might not want to remember them but they are essential in making sure that your next dating experiences will be good. You need to remember how the bad dates went and figure out why they turned out bad, and what were the mistakes that you made.

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• Be smart

You can’t expect to receive a lot of responses at all if you just do the online dating methods without any thoughts to them. You don’t have to rush in creating a profile in order to send out emails immediately. Take a good time in setting up the profile and choose to send requests to women whom who think will respond to you. Check their profiles and their interests, and figure out if you fit their types. You should not expect a quick response, women do other things too.

• Take it seriously

Dating can be viewed as a game, but it should be considered as a serious game. If you want to win it, then you need to play hard. The best way to win a game is to use a good strategy. Before getting yourself into the world of dating, you need to have the right set of strategies that you will be using. Also, you need to get as much experience in order to win more games.

• Be different from the rest

If you think that a woman looks great and decide to message her, you’re not the only one. Other men will also send her messages and she will receive a lot. What you need to do is to set yourself apart from other men. Think of an interesting and unique feature that might get you ahead of other men.

• Choosing the right profile picture

Since women can’t see you in person, all they can use to decide whether you are attractive to them or not is your profile, and the very first thing they will look at is your profile picture. Make sure to use a picture where you look good in it. It doesn’t have to be professionally taken or photoshopped. You can use a candid photo of you where you look good and interesting.

• Write a good profile description

The next thing that women will check out after looking at your profile picture is your profile description. Remember, don’t be lazy and don’t be extreme. You should only put the most important and interesting things about yourself in the description.


• Writing a good email

In order to let women know that you have interest in them, you write them a message. Since this is the first contact that you will ever make with the lady, you need to plan it out carefully. Be casual but don’t be aloof. And most importantly, avoid any creepy messages.

• Use the correct flirting moves

Just like traditional dating, flirting in online dating works as well. Flirting always starts by testing the waters. You try a flirt move that’s not too obvious and see how the lady responds. If she replies with another flirt move, then proceed to bolder moves.

• Make women share and open up

The best way to building a good relationship is to find out as much personal stuff about the lady. Make the woman open up and share her thought and her feelings. They like it when men give a lot of importance to how they think and feel. Sometimes, you need to take the first step in order for her to follow. You can share a personal experience and ask her to do the same. Usually, this works on most dates.

• Use more than one dating site

Since you’re taking the online dating as a serious matter, you can’t be limited by only playing field. You need to enter other dating site to find other interesting women or women who might be interested in you. You should have as much options as you can. There are certain women who usually enter a particular dating site. It also helps if you constantly search for the best websites that you can enter.

• Determine if a site is a scam

One thing that you need to be mindful of when searching around the internet for dating sites is figuring out if a website might be a scam or not. You can turn to websites that offer honest reviews about the dating sites on the internet right now.

• Choosing the perfect first date venue

If you’re progressing in the online dating scene, then what comes next is the first live date. Since this is the first time that you will be seeing each other in person, you must choose the perfect venue to have the date. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it shouldn’t be very cheap as well. Any restaurant that offers decent food will do. Or you can try something that might interest both of you. You can even ask the lady is she wants it on a particular place that she’d like.

• Keep the girl interested

The final step is to build a steady relationship. This can be done by making a girl interested in you. If she finds a very particular thing about you fascinating, make sure to remind her of that. Also, you can reveal new things to her that might catch her attention and make her more interested in you. The idea is to keep her coming for more. Sharing adult personals and life stories, together with doing fun activities is the common ways to make the girl in to you. Remember that once you decide to make a relationship stable or permanent, you must put on hold any other dating activities that you might be participating in.

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