REVIEW Of Freehookups.Com: Discover Why Freehookups Ranks Number #5

REVIEW Of Freehookups.Com: Discover Why Freehookups Ranks Number #5
This site is for someone who’s looking for a no – commitment relationship through a dating site that promises members who are willing to engage in casual sex and other discreet encounters., like the name implies, is a dating site that allows you to find a partner who is willing to engage in casual sex with no commitment after.
The website has millions of members from around the world looking for partners to bang with and the number is growing every day. With the number of members signing up every day, we know that this is a legitimate website.

Just like the name of the website goes, this dating site promises individuals who are just looking for a temporary partner to hook up with. That’s all that you should expect from the members since this site is exclusive for those who are just looking for someone to hook up with. The dating site understands that some individuals are simply not prepared for commitment so they have made it clear that the dating site are for those who are interested in looking for casual sex.



We understand that there are more hook up sites that are plain scams than the legitimate ones but we guarantee you that this website is legitimate. We know that there are websites out there that are out just to take advantage of you by asking for unreasonable fees with no results. Once you sign up on this dating site, it is easy for you to find someone to hook up with. Yes, it is 100% legitimate and you’ll see the results in just a week or two depending on your approach to your target members.
The dating site itself is talked about all over the social media which is the reason why we were able to find it. Well, the domain name is really inviting so we decided to give it a try and we don’t regret it since we were able to meet up with hot women who are interested in hooking up with no strings attached. On the front page of the site, it boasts that it was rated “#1 on Casual Dating Site” by a survey.
Other proof that this dating site is real is the fact that it has been around for more than a decade. Not all the dating sites could be around for such a long period of time if they don’t have many users. This only goes to show that is legitimate.


It is easy to sign up on the website since you are immediately prompted by a pop up menu asking a few questions like your e-mail address as well as your location. Once you click the LET ME IN button, a window will appear and will ask you to verify your e-mail address with a visual direction on how to search for the e-mail verification they have sent. After this, you may now wander around the dating site and search for the person you are interested in.


As we know, there are several dating and hook up sites that claims to be legitimate but members will later realize that they are just scams with no results after. They just spent time and money with nothing happening to them after all the flirt messages and promise hook ups outside the site. This is the reason why we decided to put the site to the test to check every claim it says. Besides, this is what we do best and we really love to experience something new and exciting compared to the other hook up sites we visited.
And so, we tried to conduct an experiment for a month whether the site is legitimate and if we would really be able to hook up with the hotties they had posted on their homepage right before we decided to be part of this casual dating site. The results are great since it only took a few days before we were able to have someone to spend the night with.
The site claims to have millions of members worldwide and they even say that the number just increases every day. This is the reason why one can immediately find a partner who wants to hook up with you. Just like other dating sites, the management does not guarantee that you will be able to find someone who will be willing to hook up with you but the number of members who are willing to hook up are plenty which makes the supply of hotties gives you a greater chance of getting a partner to hook up with.
During the one month experiment, we sent e-mails to 150 hot women on the dating site. 120 of them responded and 50 of them agreed to meet up with us. 40 of them eventually slept with us (yes, we are actually a group claiming the same profile if that’s what you’re asking).



There are few pointers that each members of the dating site should remember to maintain a safe environment for other members. The first that each user should remember is that you shouldn’t tell others in the real world that you saw somebody you know using the dating site since most people here wants to separate their life in here from their real life.
Another important thing to take note is that women here are just regular women from different walks of life who are looking for someone to hook up with. They still deserve to be given the appropriate respect since they are not prostitutes or even porn stars for that matter. Respect them if you also want to be respected.
The dating site also has a strict age restriction and those who are over 18 years of age are allowed to register. New members agree with this term before they are allowed to proceed with the registration. One should also confirm that they are above 18 years of age and agrees with the terms and conditions provided to them by the dating site.


You will be able to choose your sexual preferences after you sign up and confirm your e-mail address. The purpose of these questions is for you to be able to find the right partner who matches your desired traits and for the results to be narrowed down from the millions of users on the dating site.

Other Highlights of the website

• Members are allowed to message through the dating site to be able to connect with other users.
• There is also a live webcam chat if you want to see who’s on the other side of the connection. Of course, the consent from the user is very important.
• All the photos on the website are viewable depending on the membership of the user.
• You may set up a meeting with friends through the website.

Noteworthy features found in the Home Page

• There is a dedicated button to check the hottest members of the site.
• Update your profile every now and then to let you improve on some aspects and increase more views.
• At the side bar, you will also see the individuals who has viewed your profile.
• Attaching Photos and Videos are easier with the help of the buttons at the side bar.


According to other members, one of the most notable features of the website is that it allows users to interact with members who are not only those who are within their area but from those who lives on other continents as well. Millions of members actually came from different countries around the world. It could be said that the members are from all the continents of the world.
Some members are interested in just flirting with individuals from other countries and love to discover more about these people. Of course, some would conduct live web cam chats to talk to members from countries far from where they live. Members find it very exciting to talk from different women from across the globe and make connections to them even if it is almost impossible to meet up with them due to the distance. There are members, however, who would go the distance or take a vacation to the place where the woman they are interested in lives and meet up with her to share hot sizzling nights. This makes vacation on a foreign land exciting.
Members who intend to go to a foreign land due to business or other purposes may also use the dating site to search for someone from the area he intends to go. They may agree to meet up once he arrives and enjoy the temporary companionship with no strings attached. This is one of the convenience there is when using

Conclusion is a good place to find someone to hook up with. You can be confident that like you, members of this website are simply looking for someone to have casual sex with. There’s no strings attached and members know their boundaries. Also, the features are easy to use which helps you to easily navigate through the site and to find the right partner for you with the number of options you can choose from to narrow down the results.

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