REVIEW Of Adulhookups.Com: Discover Why Adultshookup.Com Ranks Number #2

REVIEW Of Adulhookups.Com: Discover Why Adultshookup.Com Ranks Number #2 is another dating site that allows users to find a partner who can satisfy your need for a night. This site boasts its many members from around the world and claims to have the most members compared to other hookup sites.


The site claims that they have at least 66, 700, 899 members from all genders and the number is growing everyday with the number of individuals searching for someone to share the night with. This dating site has already been mentioned on several reviews which is the reason it has earned quite a reputation among the other dating sites there is.


The name of the website simply implies the same thing that you should expect from it. Those who are members of this website are just looking for someone to hook up with; individuals who also wants to hook up with no other obligations after. For some, having commitment is simply something that they are prepared and this dating website understands that.
You may wonder whether this website is legitimate. We have to admit that there are websites out there that simply wants to take advantage of you. We guarantee that they are 100% legitimate and other sources could prove this claim.
This dating website has been featured on different shows like TMZ, playboy TV and Howard Stern. But what really put this website at the top was when it was hailed as the best dating site in 2011 by a legitimate Online Dating Council Survey when they conducted a study on those who are using online dating websites.


Other proof that this dating site is real is the fact that it has been around for more than a decade. Not all dating sites could be around for such a long period of time if they don’t have much users. This only goes to show that Adult Hookups is legitimate.


Signing up on this website is easy since you will be guided by a nice naked blonde woman who is there to ask you the questions that are written on the screen. You may want to lower the volume of your earphone (or speaker) since this woman will be saying it out loud to you. This method creates a more interactive way of engaging you to the site and gives a realistic feel of the site itself.
Well, we know that you can only choose one gender for you but this website will allow you to choose more than one option when it comes to your preference and you can choose whether you want to meet up with a woman, a man, a couple or a transsexual. You may even choose all if you are interested on meeting up with all these options.


Once you are able to sign up to the website, you are allowed to engage with discussions on chat rooms, and post messages on the message boards. This is where you may introduce yourself to others who are also using these features and chat with them about their experience on the website. There are also tips that are given by older members of the dating site that you may find to be helpful when you want to meet up with someone. Also, this enables you to meet more individuals and to get to know them while chatting.
The website also has its own advanced search tools to help you narrow down on your potential partner. This tool also allows you to include an on – camera section as well as the “hottest members” section. There is also an activity log where members can keep track of the activities they have engaged on during the whole span of your membership in the dating site.
The site also offers stories about hot encounters that have happened on some members of the dating site. There are also fiction stories that may boost your libido and something that may entertain you while looking for someone to hook up with.
Post as much naughty photos that you have for others to see and this may help you increase your chances of being invited out or for other members to take interest of you which may lead to a hookup.


The site boasts to have more than 64 million members and their number is growing everyday which is the reason why you’re chances of getting someone to spend the night with is quite high. You have more than a million options to choose from, seriously. The website admin doesn’t guarantee that a person will definitely find a partner but when given the number, it is impossible not to find someone whose preference best describes you. With this number, having more than one casual partner is often a guarantee.


There are few things that members of the site should know in order to maintain a safe environment for other users. The first that each user should remember is that you shouldn’t tell to somebody you know who is also using the dating site since most people here wants to keep their real life private.
Another thing to remember is that women here are just regular women who are looking for someone to hook up with. They still deserve to be given respect since they are not your typical prostitutes or even porn stars and it is important to respect their privacy.
The website also has a strict age restriction and only for those who are over 18 years of age. One should also confirm that they are above 18 years of age and agrees with the terms and conditions provided to them by the dating site.


Signing up on this website is said to be free and you will later be asked about your credit card information. The sole purpose of the dating site on why they should take this information is to simply activate your profile. The truth is that you will be charge $1.05 to be able to access extra features and videos. This will later have a renewal of $41.97 per month.


Using this website is easy since the layout is easy to follow. The features of the website are not compressed with too much pop ups, ads, banners or any flashing messages. This website doesn’t have any advertising of any sort since they focus more on the user’s satisfaction.
The menus and tabs are all labeled so users would know the use of each. Every section has an icon so you know where in the website you exactly are. All the results of your matches are in the homepage which makes it easier to find. Just in case you forgot something, you may check the activity log to show your previous activity.


Like what you have read, you will be asked to choose your sexual preferences before you sign up like how the positions you enjoy whenever you’re under the sack. The purpose of these questions is for you to be able to find the right partner easier and for the results to be narrowed down to your desired traits on a partner.
There are also other advanced ways of searching for your perfect match. You may choose among those who have viewed you, the latest members, local matches as well as those who are voted by others as the “hottest members” that has a page dedicated for them. You may also see those who would go on camera or anybody that you’ve added on your friend’s list.

Other Highlights of the website

• Users are allowed to send flirts, mail messages or even instant messages to other members of the site
• There are also live webcam chat
• Those who have upgraded membership gets access to watch hardcore porn
• All the photos on the website are viewable by those with upgraded membership
• You may start setting up meeting with friends through the website



Just when you think it all ends there you’ll only realize that it is just the beginning. There is a mobile site for Adult Hookups for mobile phones and even tablets and users may access this site when they download the app. This a good idea since there are more individuals using the phone to check on the internet and it makes the website more accessible to them.


It is advisable to meet the person on a public place so that others will see who you are with just in case something goes wrong. Also, it is highly advisable to give your cell number instead of your house phone so you can be sure that you are the one who answers the phone when the person calls. You may find through this dating site someone who seems to be a perfect match for you, still, the management advises users to stay alert and get to know the person better before giving your full trust.


If you are looking for a legitimate dating website that promises no strings attached after, then Adult Hookups is the right website for you. The price for membership is also reasonable. Plus, you are surely able to find a partner for hookup with the millions of members they have.

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