LOVE, does it exist Online?

It is quite amusing to know that someone can fall in love online without even meeting personally. Sometimes we get the feeling that it is so impossible. But could it be? Can love be that strong to make two people connect intimately without meeting physically? Hearing stories as such or reading testaments of online love makes me wonder. Ordinarily, I’ll be sarcastic on these kinds of discussions. It is a ridiculous idea falling in love with someone you don’t really know; sharing intimate thoughts and feelings, giving your whole self to another individual… it just doesn’t make sense. Not until I had a close encounter and heard the story of a couple who experienced love… true love that is… This changed my mind about the matter. Love does really exist online.

It all started through online dating…

Dating has many forms. Gone are the days where dating was also known as courting- with strict rules that had to be adhered to, then after a long courtship, you go out on a traditional date and get married. Then comes bar dating, you go to your favorite bar pick up a man or a woman, get to know that certain person, if it works, well and good – but if it doesn’t, repeat the process. That’s too much of a hassle isn’t it? Then comes phone pals, you know, the time when you dial for a number and try to engage someone to talk to you and get to know each other, then meet up – not really a convenient way to meet the “one” right?


Then came… the modern technology – the internet! Yehey! Today more and more people are letting their fingers and the computer monitors do all the work. Yes, that includes dating. I am not saying that the only way to find love is through the internet; of course you can find love anywhere, or so that’s what we have been told. All I am saying is that maybe your perfect match is not under your nose but he or she might be waiting for you online. Online dating is like an opportunity being laid down in front of you, it is just up for the grabbing. Why not give it a try?

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Remember the couple I was telling you about that changed my view about love existing online? Well, their story started when the man was trying to look for love online and failed a million times – I know it is exaggerated but just let me put it that way. Then the woman, just got out of a bad divorce, out of loneliness she started to browse the internet and search for ‘how to’, such as “How to be happy?”, “How to get out of loneliness alive?” and so on. However, she came across an article regarding online dating tips. Out of curiosity she joined an online dating site and there, the man who was persistent enough to find the love of his life found her. As for the woman’s status, call it a rebound relationship – but for me, when you lose something or someone for that matter, you are just making space for better ones to come into your life. They started conversing through Instant Messaging, followed by constant emailing, and then video calls… It all started through online dating.


How would you know it’s Love?

What is love anyway? It is a four letter word but it is very difficult to define. Just the very thought of it makes me all gaga, feeling silly, and insanely smiling alone while writing this article. All I know that love feels really, really, really good. It’s something you feel inside – peace, joy more of euphoria, wholeness and completeness. But does finding love really complete you? Well, the couple that I told you about said, “Finding love doesn’t complete you, because you are complete to begin with, finding love is more of finding someone who compliments you, in every way and for us we found each other online even though we are half way across the world.” Isn’t it the sweetest thing? Yes, they are halfway across the world, 12 hours difference to be exact. They have different time zones, love doesn’t have day and night – they tried to work out the relationship. They read and followed a lot of online dating tips, long distance relationship guidelines and the like. And with the strong connection they have, and their constant and consistent communication, after 2 years of online dating, they finally met. Since then, they don’t want to be separated from each other anymore, they had the chance to know each other on a physical level; you know that love making stuff, this was one of the many reasons that brought them on a deeper emotional level. Eventually they got married and had their own happy family. You may call it destiny but I call it love.

Maybe this is a rare possibility, for so many people who try online dating, marriage is still years away. But the chance of meeting your perfect match has high possibilities since millions of singles are engaged in online dating. You just have to listen to the advice of people who had success in finding the love of their life online. Following the guidelines and online dating tips will also help. Take your time, get to know yourself and assess your level of commitment on how far you are willing to go for online dating. For more inspiring stories, there are testimonials of real-life people with their real life stories of finding love online. If you are ready to meet and partake on adult personals, you must be willing to face consequences of intimacy matters. Also, be open to all possibilities and be optimistic enough, believing that there is someone out there who is perfect for you – call it soul mate or the “one”, but the most salient thing to think is that love really does exist online.

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