REVIEW Of XXXConnect.Com: Discover Why XXXConnect Ranks Number #3

REVIEW Of XXXConnect.Com: Discover Why XXXConnect Ranks Number #3
This renowned adult dating website has been serving those who are interested in finding someone to cuddle with. For those who are looking for someone to hook up with and one looking for a dating website with one of the lowest price for membership then this is the right website for you. The website itself has undergone a major transformation lately which enables user to use it easily and has attracted more users after the change. We understand if you were skeptical about this website before, but now we’ll tell you why the promises it has is real.
The main focus of is to provide a partner for those who are looking for a temporary relationship or someone who is willing to have casual sex. Most dating sites have many other options for their members but this site promises more of discreet encounters with strangers instead of something that may last for a longer period of time. Of course, it depends to the individuals if they want to make something out of their discreet encounter afterwards.


Another amazing feature of this website is how it controls the problem of overcrowding men in their website. The website admin only allows the same number of men in a day as how many women sign up to the website. This solves the problem and there will be as much men as women to come to know each other. We know that this is a common problem of dating websites and here, they have been able to create a clever solution to this.


Recently, XXXConnect had a major transformation involving the appearance of the dating site. It now looks smarter yet seductive with added features. Members, old and new, are praising the new look of the site and admired the designers that were hired to do the job as well as the models they hired. The new look of the dating site is now attracting more users and immediately sends the message to users that they will surely have a good interactive time with other users online and will surely meet these hotties outside the site.


Most websites would give you pain before you are able to sign up. Some dating sites would give a questionnaire that seems endless that usually discourages potential members to sign up. understands that all their members want is to find someone to hookup and not a whole pain-staking process. Here are the few easy steps to sign up and become a member of the website.
• They start by asking who you are first. You have the option to choose from the options being a man, a woman, a couple or a transsexual.
• The date when you were born
• The location where you want to hook up (city, state/province, country)
• Sexual preferences
It is also easy to master the layout of the website. On your own personal profile homepage, you can find the different features available for you and are laid out in a format that is easy to navigate. uses more graphics and icons in order for you to easily check the profiles of your potential casual partner. This makes it easier for users to know the person’s basic information that is necessary when they decide to hook up. There’s not much information that should be given, anyway, since these individuals are just looking for a hook up and not someone to share their lives with.



Just like other dating websites, XXXConnect has its own membership privileges that depend on what the individual avails of. There are different features that a person can access depending on the type of membership they choose. There are three types of membership and you may choose from any of these and later upgrade once you decide that you want to unlock some features that are not available on your current membership.

Basic Membership allows you the following privileges:

• Allows basic searches around the website
• Upload both pictures and videos to your profile
• Send messages to other members to meet up outside

Those who have availed Silver Membership have other added features:

• Access to all features of basic members
• You can create and maintain friend’s list
• Participate on online discussions on chat rooms and forums
• Do advance searches
• Your searches are more prioritized compared to those who are basic members

The Gold Membership allows members to access all the features there is on the website

• Granted the access to all the features that both Basic and Silver Members enjoy
• Do advanced searches on the website
• Participate on online discussions on chat rooms and forums
• Your searches are more prioritized compared to those who are silver and basic members of the website
• Allows you to access hardcore pornography on the website


It is obvious that there is a huge difference between the features that members of each group enjoy. These may be simple features but they do mean a lot in reality. Unlike basic members, those who are Gold/ Silver members are allowed to access chat rooms where they can engage on discussions about how to mingle with the rest to avoid making the mistake that others have already experienced on the website. Also, one may speak of how they’ve been successful in finding someone to share the night with everyone once in a while to others who are there. You may also seek advice to others who’s been there for quite some time now.
If you will notice, those who are Gold members of the website are given higher priority in searches since their profiles rank higher compared to the other levels of membership. For instance, you have the same profile with another silver member, the search results would show your profile higher compared to the other which guarantees more result. This is all because one decides to choose a higher membership. It is also easy to notice what membership does with the person that belongs to the website. Those who are Gold or silver members also have additional search options like languages spoken, one’s ethnicity, filter out profiles without picture and many more.
Other features that are interesting to share are the “Active Within”, “Who’s Viewed Me” and “Last Online” features that are important when it comes to online dating that it may define the successes of your endeavor. These features of the website allow you to see those who have already showed explicit interest in you. These features also allow you to check those who are active members of this online dating website. If you are able to use these two features successfully, then you use this as an advantage to know who to contact among the many members there is in the website.


The number of members of XXXConnect is impressive which enables members to immediately have so many connections in just a short period of time. As a matter of fact, you can immediately meet up with another individual to make your night complete. You may even be able to find someone better to meet up. Some members claim that they were worried at first that the person they are to meet up may not really be what their profile picture show and later leave disappointed. However, they find themselves finding a partner who are hotter than who they claim in the website. Most members stick to this website since they find more individuals to hook up with and are able to do so anytime they need someone to spend the night with.


XXXConnect is a good hookup site for those who are interested in a one-time dalliance with no other connections after the encounter. Members of the hookup site know what is expected of a short-time partner and what is expected of them as well. Those who do not want any sense of commitment are satisfied with the connections they establish in the dating site and is the reason why they keep coming back to search for someone to have a temporary connection.
The best advice so far is to sign up for a Gold Membership to be able to access all the special features there is on the website. Another reason to consider this kind of membership is that it gives a good impression to others; especially to those individuals you target to sleep with.


hen it comes to legitimacy, you can be confident that is no scam. It is one of the online dating sites where you can easily sign up. Also, people here are cool with casual dating with no strings attached. If this is what you want then this is one of the sites you should try. XXXConnect has been consistent in the top of dating sites review and once you sign up to the site, you will understand why it is on top of its game. Not only that its new look is admirable but also the features being offered to their members are adored by their members.

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