Online Dating Tips: Engaging Topics to Discuss

Assuming that you have created a well-crafted profile page that caught the attention of your potential match and now you’re on the stage of starting a conversation. It would be redundant to just repeat all the information that is already there, it would be boring. However, that is a good way to start and just elaborate on some vague descriptions but don’t repeat exactly what you have written as that would kill the conversation in no time.
Remember that conversation is a two-way street. Don’t just talk about yourself the whole time. Ask questions and be genuinely interested in other person’s life too.

Here are some interesting and engaging topics you can discuss.

1. Avoid punch lines.

Guys are usually the ones who love throwing punch lines. Sometimes they’re funny, but most of the time they’re not. Especially when it’s the generic kind. I can assure you, other guys have used those lines before and it will surely be the death of a potential connection. If I were the girl, I will wonder how many girls you have used that punch line to. Keep it simple. Just say “Hi”.
Girls, it’s fine to be the first one to strike up a conversation but don’t start it with “DTF?” Say hi at least. You can be straightforward if that’s what you’re looking for; it’s up to you. Point is, to get to know the person first. If you went ahead and do the deed, getting to know the person on a deeper level is a moot point.


2. Start with hobbies

I’m sure you have written some on your profile page. If for example you find that you have similar interests, then that would be great way to start. At least you have some common grounds. Beware of talking about it too much that it gets boring. If he/she shares the same enthusiasm regarding the matter, then it’s fine to continue. If not, you can change the topic.
Share funny stories and fun activities you’ve done lately. No one wants a Debbie downer who only talks about sappy sad stories on how much their life sucks. Be fun. Be positive. You’ll attract fun and positive people.

3. The favorites: movies, music and books

Like hobbies, this is also a good way to build up the conversation. You can learn more from the other person and you’ll both figure out your similarities. You can exchange opinions on certain topics like, what he/she thinks of the movie adaptations of certain books or your favorite bands and songs. This is a broad topic that is engaging for a lot of people. Maybe it will take you days before you feel like you have exhausted these topics. That’s a good thing.
A lot of people start hitting it off after discovering common grounds in movies, music, books and hobbies. If you look up any online dating tips on the Internet, you’ll always get this advice. It’s probably the easiest and safest thing to talk about when you want to get to know each other.

4. Your passions

I don’t think people would stop talking when the topic is about something they’re passionate about. This is good. This is engaging for both parties. You’ll get to know each other well. This could lead to more interesting topics and a little on the personal side like the short-term and long-term goals.
If by now both of you are starting to really like each other, you get a glimpse of what your future will be like. If you think you can’t handle what the other person wants in the near future, then it just means that you’re not a perfect match. Keep in mind that if you’re looking for a potential long–term relationship, you have to be on the same boat. It applies to both online and real life relationships.

5. Your life in a day

Everyday is different. You can share something interesting or weird things that happened to you. The other person will see how you deal with stress or other nerve-racking things in life. Sometimes you’ll be surprised by how one reacted in a given situation. If he/she lets it get the best of him/her.
Also, asking how the other person’s day went just shows how genuinely interested you are to her/him. Usually, girls wait for guys to text first just to test if they’re really interested or they just want to get into their pants. The way one communicates tells a lot about his/her intentions. So be clear and consistent.


6. Share some secrets

Sharing secrets is already an intimate act. It’s the start of intimacy. Why else would you share your darkest and deepest secret to someone you just met recently? This just means that both of you are getting comfortable with each other. That’s a good sign.
However, don’t be too pushy about it. When he/she shared something, assess whether you need to just be satisfied with what is given or if it’s fine to ask for details. Let the conversation flow from there.

7. Exchange photos

I think it’s fun to share photos because they usually come with stories. Take it slow though. Don’t ask for nudes unless both of you are perfectly comfortable with it already. Remember, nothing is safe in the cyber world. You need to think of your safety. If you don’t trust the other person yet, don’t send illicit photos.
Guys, don’t send “D-pics” especially when the girl isn’t up for it. Don’t just surprise her in the morning with your “D-pic”. Timing is key. Make sure she absolutely wants to see it.
These online dating tips on what topics to discuss can help you kick start a good relationship with your potential partner. Make sure you’re on the same page to avoid misunderstanding or confusion. These topics could branch out to more interesting topics. The important thing is to get to know the person very well before you take the relationship to the next level. These online dating tips are mere guidelines to help anyone who’s still new to online dating and no idea where to start.


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