I would rather visit SocialSex.com than paying those online sluts in HornyMatches.com

I would rather visit SocialSex.com than paying those online sluts in HornyMatches.com
I would say that HornyMatches.com is not a good website if you are looking for your perfect partner. However, if you want to flirt to someone or just play around, then you might need this (lol) but in the end you’ll end up nothing.
As you go over or browse this site, you will see a bunch of sluts… yes sluts… trying to seduce or flirt you to visit this page. This site says that this is 100% free and making some promises that you can hookup those hot girls with their obscene photos. Their search page seems so confusing because you will be redirected to a new adult site which is quite creepy. HornyMatches.com’s search page looks like generic, the only thing that is on this page are a bunch of sluts who are looking for sex or cam shows – that’s the true objective of this site. I can describe this website in one word: “cybersex.”


This website is the real home for spambots and sluts that are making money just by making a marketing tool – which is their nude body. This is their everyday routine in this website. You will find in this website that girls wanted to seek for escorts or just flirting to get some fun with her in the chat room. This pissed me off.
I am not saying that these girls in this website are not attractive but it is so difficult to find a girl in this website that is up for a sincere and longer relationship. You can just count in your fingers (lol) those who are up for what I am looking for. Nothing but just naughty dating – that’s Horny Matches.


What bothers me a lot from this website is that, you sign up with an email instead of creating a username, and doesn’t have ANY way for you to contact other people on the site with your own in-site email. And in that case, what you will use to sign up is your actual email for this website which is not good. Come to think of it, this website is a crap and it is not really safe to fill out your real email account for this stupid online dating site. Your email contains lots of information that I guess you want to keep safe, like possibly your credit card details, phone number, and contact information for your friends and family. In other words, this is a phishing site.
How come you will be able to find your perfect partner if this site implicates obscenity, how can you guarantee that after the live chat you can hook up with them? They are wasting your money from your CC. In every minute that you will visit a specific room you will get charged aside from your premium membership. Yes, it will make you happy by seeing their flesh but as the time elapses you will be kicked out from the room and says that you have an insufficient fund. Aside from the 30-40 bucks, you will be charged per minute plus the token that you have just given to a girl in a specific chat room or live channel. You don’t have to pay them because they said that this website is free and don’t let your CC info filled out but the decision is still up to you.
You will never know who is going to message a good one in this site. I tried to email some girls in this website but it seems nothing is real and they are only making some spammy messages – this won’t surprise me. This will add to your embarrassment and to think this website is not legit and you might be tricked by them with their hot chicks. But in reality you will be lurked by some cam showers and nothing will come back in return.
If you are going to read this review from the top, you will have the gist or you will jump into a conclusion that this website is a crap and a useless dating site. Yes! You will find a bunch of members but ask yourself first if they are the real ones or just those bots answering our chats with their horny crap just like “do you wanna play with me?” I would consider this website as an illegitimate site, no wonder that HornyMatches.com is not up for sincere members who are looking for a real partner. They are only playing games and wasting those premium members’ money. Think as much as you can before clicking their website. They may also infect your computer system through web pop ups – that is so risky. You may encounter some pop ups that may infect your computer such as malwares and Trojan.
I don’t risk my money to this thing and I am up for the real one. With this website, your CC will mess up and end up with nothing and that’s the reality. Don’t risk your plastic cards with this crap, just like what this site is doing. I am willing to shed my money to a lady who’s willing to hook me up in this website but sad to say they are all employed to a cybersex den.


Please do not waste you money and time with this website, but it is all up to you. I am not a pathetic man who will be enticed with their boobs or their hot bodies. We are people who are looking for real dating and not for fun. I would give them an F rating because they are not considered legit and there’s no assurance or guarantee that the email we used in signing up in this website will not be accessed by a hacker or something. We do not know their system if our email accounts are all encrypted. You will never know what happens next after you filled out and access their page. You will never know that your pertinent information including your bank accounts are already exposed in a matter of time. Just a piece of advice, stay away from this website – they don’t deserve anything but a mess!

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