Online Dating Tips for Women

These online dating tips are for women who want to succeed in the online dating world. We’ll group it according to age range and type of relationship you are looking for. However, these don’t apply to every situation. This guide is only to help you get a clear idea of what you might be dealing with, so you can manage your expectations.

Men ages 18-25

Okay, I am assuming that women who chose this age range are also of the same age range. However, if you like them young, it’s really up to you. Just be ready with moral implications and the ramifications of your actions. Remember that biologically speaking, women mature 2 years ahead of men. That is why most women prefer men of the same age or older.
Anyway, so what do you expect from guys in this age range? Considering they are at their prime with raging hormones, most of these guys aren’t looking for anything final or long-term. They still want to explore the world and themselves. They are fun to be with but in today’s hook-up culture, you cannot just assume that whatever you have will last.


It is possible though, and I am not generalizing guys. What I am saying is, it is almost always the case. Most of them will only send you a message because you look hot in your profile pictures without really reading your profile. You can always expect them at parties and they may invite you to hang out with them and their friends. They still play video games, go to bars and check out women and probably have a long list of women they can contact in times of need. They have a short attention span. Get the idea? Keep in mind that some of them are still in college, and not to mention, jobless. Some only live in a college budget so don’t expect too much.
Some 20 something guys are capable of commitments. It all boils down to finding the right person for you. Find out what both of you like and you can start from there.
You can engage them in topics regarding movies, music, books and technology, or anything about pop culture.

Men ages 26-30

Men in this age range are probably just starting with their careers. You can always expect them to be a mixture of fun and seriousness. They are still in between the college boy phase and mature man. If you are already dating online, he will still be out with friends on weekends and then juggle work. Probably just like you.
If you are looking for something casual, of course they can be perfect for that. They have a job and a promising future. If you ever decide to make it exclusive, you know what his life plans are and if you can build something long-term with him.
If you are looking for long-term, make sure he’s ready. Ask for his goals both in his career and his personal life. If you think you can take the online dating offline, then it’s really up to the both of you.
There are plenty of things you can talk with these guys. Just make sure to keep their interests by being interesting too. That means, you have to live your life with zest and passion and not just looking online for someone to marry.

Men ages 31-40

Men in this age range are usually looking for long-term relationships or someone to settle down with. If you are already dating online, expect that he could be serious about it. Ask yourself if you’re ready to take the online dating offline and make it official. Guys in this age range are stable and serious. They are already thinking of their future. If you aren’t ready, be honest about it.

If you think you are ready for it, then good for you. You can engage them in topics like business and traveling. Actually, whatever is just fine. They are of age and probably have experienced most of what life has to offer. Avoid shallow topics though. Those things that would make someone think that you’re still immature.

Men ages 41-60

They are dating online because they weren’t able to find someone to spend the rest of their lives with in the real world. Some are just looking for someone to marry just for company. Some would like to be with young women because they look at it as a status symbol of sorts. If they can be with a young woman, that means they’re still hip and cool and all those things they’ve always wanted to be. To show that they have still got it.
These are just some insights of what you should expect when you find men of these age range online. Follow these online dating tips to keep them interested in you. Like what I have said, these don’t apply to every situation. There are men in their 30’s who are still playing and juggling women. There are men in their 50s who like it young. Manage your expectations but you can also adjust to your potential matches. Knowing their age can also help you understand where they are coming from.
You should know that age is just one factor. Age, of course, is just a number. If you fell in love with a guy online because you two really connected, age doesn’t really matter. There are other things to consider like religion, distance and cultural differences. If your potential match live in the same country/city with you, hanging out would be easier. If he is at the other side of the world, maybe you can still continue dating online until such time that both of you can finally meet. You can also remain online friends, which is good too.
If both of you agreed to keep dating online, and you live from both ends of the world; make sure you are emotionally ready for it. Long distance relationships are hard. However, if you truly feel the connection and fell in love, I think it’s worth it.

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